Target x Nate Berkus

You guys, have I been living under a rock? I was in Target last week running some quick errands + of course I got sucked in... had to get just wipes, which lead me to the baby snacks, then to the baby clothes, accessories... You ALL know how it goes, I am sure. I really did need to get another fitted sheet for Rush + I spotted llama print from across the aisle. Game over. Then, I saw it was Nate Berkus for Target. I mean, I thought I was a cool trendy mom who knew all the designer collabs. Wrong. Anyways, needless to say... Rush is sporting some super awesome llama sheets + I have new bins, a sports bra (it was only $5), a few bottles of wine, some candles, candy... you know, the normal Target trip. We all have been victims. 

I have put together some of my favorite things from the Nate Berkus line from Baby to Home Decor. Happy Sunday shopping + thanks for stopping by tonight!