Teething Toys

So, how's that teething going? I get asked this constantly, well because I have an 8 (almost 9) month old. It is a topic of conversation often between moms + kid talk in general is pretty much life now since myself + all of my friends have hit that milestone in life or are in the process. To be honest, teething frightened me. All I would hear were nightmare stories from all my friends who had littles about how they were up all night, constant crying, didn't know what to do... And yes, it was true. But, maybe I just have a really good baby... it honestly hasn't been that bad + I know it definitely can change down the road. No, it isn't perfect over here - we definitely have our parent struggles daily but I think atmosphere + our own reaction to the situation have been extremely helpful. With that being said + not going into every single detail about our daily routine -- because I am a firm believer in every baby is different, I pretty much bought just about every teething toy possible to try. This I feel is beneficial. My favorite, the Comotomo silicone teether. However, I do have all of the below + throughout the day, I am constantly interchanging all of these. I think this helps because it's always something new - which I've noticed helps take Rush's mind off his teeth + focused on the "new" toy. They also all work, each in their own way. Different textures, colors, he holds them differently - motor skill practice - yay

And, yes... I've seen the Sophie mold warning. I think I got about 10 different texts or phone calls that day because our little guy is obsessed + most of our friends / family know that. So, of course... I cut her in half. R.I.P. Sophie #1 -- NO MOLD. Don't worry, she was replaced almost immediately. Thank you Amazon Prime.