What's in my diaper bag?

Are you one of those mama's that crams everything into your diaper bag because you are worried you will forget something? It's already hard enough to cart around a carrier, then a big diaper bag?! Here is my list of my favorite diaper bag necessities. Hopefully this will help to keep things on the "lighter" side.  


1. Modern Burlap blankets. They are lightweight + can be rolled up to a perfect size that fits comfortable into any diaper bag.

2. Freshly Picked baby Mocs.  

3. Burts Bees Bibs. They are long, soft + get the job done. Saving one outfit at a time.

4. Penaten Cream. The butt cream of all butt cream, folks. Just go buy it.

5. Aveeno baby lotion. This has kept our little guys skin perfect. 

6. Honest Hand Sanitizer. You, know... for us crazy new moms that make everyone sanitize before touching our precious human. Smells great + this little tiny bottle has lasted me a long time! 

7. iPhone. No explanation here. When you are a blogger mom + you forget this... kiss your day goodbye. 

8. Baby Lips. My most favorite Chapstick ever. It's not called that for nothin'.

9. Swell water bottle. Not only super chic but also fits perfectly into any bag + keeps my water (or coffee) at the perfect temperature all day.

10. Wubbanub. We have a fox obsession. 

11. Honest Company diapers (+ wipes). Loving the new fall patterns! 

12. Organic Farm Buddies. One of Rush's favorite toys. It's soft, rattles + is adorable! 

13. Kippins Blanket. Perfect blanket for a modern baby. 

14. Sophie the Giraffe. Rush's first love.

15. Kiinde Storage Bags. The best. I have used these since day one. They are thick + don't leak. Great for freezing too!

16. Dr. Browns. The bottle that helped relieve some of our little guys acids reflux. They were + still are a life saver. 

I love this Little Unicorn bag because it's large enough to fit everything but also durable + stylish.  And of course some other things you don't want to forget are your wallet, a pair of head phones (if you are on-the-go working mama like myself) + a mini bottle of your favorite wine (just kidding - sorta).