Little Unicorn

After having my little guy, it seemed that I had no choice but to retire my handbag collection. Uh, depressing. Diaper bags or bust. But, lets be honest here - I wasn't going out anywhere fancy for awhile... diapers, wipes, butt paste + booger suckers are not suitable for a Kate Spade, nor did I want any of those things shoved into my most prized possessions. And even though I claim to be the guru of finding all unique everything, I was pretty much stumped. 

When I was searching for the perfect little blankies, I came across the brand, Little Unicorn. I bought pretty much every swaddle collection they had available + then some. (Check them out, you'll see why). After being swept away by their perfect little prints, it was the diaper bags that got me hooked. They were pretty much the diaper bag that I dreamt about. I was tired of waking up to the the diaper bag on my floor... flimsy + baby products so stuffed to the max that the zipper wouldn't close. I needed something durable, fashionable + that could fit all of the "necessary" things I needed to cart around daily for the little guy + myself.

The Manifest Weekender was my first purchase. I loved that it met my expectations + then some. This is definitely a more durable "travel bag" but is perfect for long days away from home + perfect for multiples.

Other perks:

  • Protective pocket for electronics.
  • Equipped with cushioned changing pad and matching stroller straps.
  • Side zippers offer expandable access.
  • Vegan leather. Easy to clean.
  • Handy key hook.
  • 8 pockets.

It also comes in 3 beautiful colors.

After success with the first bag, I bought the Brookside Tote. Another stylish bag, offering the perfect color selection + same perks. Needless to say, I am excited to keep adding to my "handbag" collection.