What's on my registry?

Creating my little guys registry by far surpasses the fun level of a wedding registry, hands down. They are both huge + very exciting milestones in life, but there was something about adding itty bitty socks vs. a china set to my list that just stole my heart.

There are two types of people who register, those who are a lot like me + love every second of it + then those who struggle with - What to add? Where to register at? What products are the best? And so on. I will say, I had always cringed at the thought of walking into Buy Buy Baby, a very popular place to register for your little one/s must I add, + feeling like I had baby products thrown up all over me. With being a future first time mom, I found that very overwhelming. I also struggled with the fact that all of the very cool + trendy baby items that I had secretly stowed away on my private "Baby Paradise" Pinterest board, I could not register for a large amount of these items because they are not sold in brand stores. Bummer. I could of certainly purchased these items myself but what fun is that when more than half of them would be things you want to register for? Defeats the whole purpose, right? Thankfully during one of my many daily Pinterest binges, I came across a magical place called Baby List. I could register where ever I wanted? Cute little boutique shops, unlimited name brand retail stores + all of those small business Etsy shops that seem to always make our bank accounts go negative? GET. OUT. 

After that, the rest was history. My Pinterest obsession definitely increased after that (which I am totally okay with).