The Baby Cubby

Rush is 7 months old! Well... tomorrow - but close enough, right?! I was just scrolling through old pictures last night + found ones of me when I was pregnant - eeek! I feel like it was so long ago already - ahhh time slow down, please. One thing I really miss, which a lot of future parents-to-be dread, is searching for the best, safest + of course trendiest baby gear out there. As a bloggin' mama, I am always looking to try new products + gear. I am still constantly on the search for new things, ideas, brands -- you name it. One of my most favorite places to go where the job has already been done for me is, The Baby Cubby.

The Baby Cubby is for every parent out there who has ever felt overwhelmed or discouraged about becoming a parent. I remember trying to pick between this car seat or that one, or no - no, how about this one. Enough to drive my husband insane + never want to shop baby gear again. I love Baby Cubby because they aren't just another online shop. It's a company made up of parents who have been there, so they get it. They spend hours researching + testing the safest baby gear so you don't have to, making them the perfect resource so you can focus on the amazing journey ahead - parenthood.

Oh + if it doesn't get any better - they will price match everyday, even Amazon + free shipping on all orders over $49. You can visit them online, in their retail store or check them out on IG. They also have an awesome blog to discuss some of those hard topics of parenting. Go say hello!

Here are some of my most favorite + must-have Baby Cubby items this holiday season. Whether you are buying for a mama-to-be or making your own baby holiday wish-list, this should definitely put you at ease. Happy Holidays! 

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