The Print Shop


Happy weekend! 

Can you believe it's December already?! It's that time of year where many of us are getting our annual family Christmas card pictures taken, cleaning our iPhones up because we keep getting the "cannot take picture, not enough storage, blah blah blah" notification OR both. In my case, both. Gotta make room for all the holiday fun snaps + get those Christmas cards out - ASAP! 

Over the years I have used the more known + basic companies to get pictures printed, cards made, gifts for family / friend, etc.

As the trendy mom I like to call myself, I am always looking for something different + not your basic prints or photo products. 

CHATBOOKS | This is all you "my storage is full, cannot take picture" dream come true. You can literally download their super friendly app, upload iPhone photos, Instagram - you name it + create $8 books. Just. Like. That. You have options to upgrade to hard cover + can add up to 365 pages of pictures that you just "couldn't delete off your iPhone." + of course there is always a nice little discount code floating around, so keep your eyes peeled.

ARTIFA CTS UPRISING | I ordered our Christmas cards from them this year + let me just say I am impressed. I have always been a fan of their uniquely simply designs / modern products + finally, I ordered a few things. From their square prints to photo books, I have no room for complaints. 

CANVAS POP | My go-to place for canvas prints + gallery frames. Quality is great, they have amazing discounts + I use them every year for family gifts. 

PARABO PRESS | Came across this company recently + they are similar to AU but offer some other unique products -- slightly less expensive. I LOVE their metals + glass prints, such a cool gift idea if you are tired of the typically framed picture. They also offer the modern square prints, photo books, cards + other super cool products, go check them out.