Baby Travel Essentials

Heading back to the snowy tundra of Chicago + I am already wishing we were back on the beautiful beaches of PV, Mexico. Bummer.  

This was our first time traveling with a little one + to be completely honest, our little guy flew like a champ. I can't give all the credit to the fact that he's a pretty good baby, there was definitely some planning involved that helped make the trip close to seamless.

What was in Rush's suitcase:

Sophie The Giraffe, OXO Tot On-The-Go, Babyganics Travel size, Think Baby Sunscreen, Honest Company Teether, Honest Company Swim Diaper, Sun Angels, Sound Machine, Cheeky Chomper Bibs, Travel Lysol, Mono Beach Baby Tent, Stokke Travel Tub.

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ErgoBaby 360 Carrier

When you pack up your entire closet to go to Mexico, you better make sure you have two free hands to cart around luggage. I absolutely love this carrier. It's comfortable, has several carrying options that are easy to transition into + can quickly be put on + taken off in seconds. It's lightweight + I used it to help keep Rush secure during takeoff + landing. It was also the perfect accessories for our mornings walks to get coffee when we needed a break from the stroller. 

Summer Infant 3D Flip Stroller

This was a lifesaver. We LOVE our Bob stroller but there was concern with traveling with such a large stroller. We needed something a little more versatile. This was it. With a rear + front facing option, it was so easy to switch to keep our little guy out of the sun. On the airport travel side of things, it opened up + folded down in seconds, making things less stressful when going through customs + getting on / off the airplane.

Milk Snob

I am no longer nursing but I am still exclusively pumping + bottle feeding. Pumping on an airplane in general wasn't something I was excited about but due to our travel times, it had to happen that way. Instead of sitting inside a gross airplane bathroom, I used my milk snob cover to give me the perfect about of privacy I needed. 

Medela Battery Pack

We were pretty much on the go the entire vacation, that how it works - right? With pumping still in the picture, I needed a way to make it more seamless since we were not always at our place or near an outlet. Beaches don't come with outlets, folks. I purchased a Medela battery back off Amazon before we left, giving me the leisure to plug it in + pump where ever I pleased. Highly recommend this tiny little device. 

Little Unicorn Weekender Diaper Bag

A stylish diaper bag + it fit everything I needed in it. I've been hoarded this bag for months, waiting to use it just for this vacation. It fit my pump, diapers, wipes, spare clothes - you name it - it was in there. For all you traveling mama's out there. This is your answer to easy travel.