Mexico Bound


Yay! We leave for Mexico this week. After all the snowfall we have accumulated over the last week, I am ready for some sunshine + warm weather. Bye, Chicago.

This has become an annual trip for us, as we travel to my parents home in PV, Mexico each year the week before Christmas. Last year, I was carrying around our little guy in my belly + now here we are, traveling with a 7 month old.

Now of course like most parents traveling for the first time with a baby, we have all the normal fears... is he going to scream, will he get sick from all the germs on the plane?! This doesn't make us crazy, it makes us normal. 

One thing that has really worried me is, sun protection. Although they do have great options for baby sunscreen + swimwear nowadays, I am still looking for other options rather than lathering up my little guy with lotion constantly.


I was introduced to Sun Angels, a company that offers arm sleeves for babies + kids. Their mission is to encourage families to get outside, be active + also conscious about sun protection. We used these UPF 50 arm sleeves for Rush this summer when sunscreen wasn't an option. I love that they are easy + a chemical free option for our little guy. 

To learn more, check them out HERE.  

And for more safety + sun facts, I found this extremely helpful when I had a ton of questions.  As most parents do + should. 


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