Target x Nate Berkus

You guys, have I been living under a rock? I was in Target last week running some quick errands + of course I got sucked in... had to get just wipes, which lead me to the baby snacks, then to the baby clothes, accessories... You ALL know how it goes, I am sure. I really did need to get another fitted sheet for Rush + I spotted llama print from across the aisle. Game over. Then, I saw it was Nate Berkus for Target. I mean, I thought I was a cool trendy mom who knew all the designer collabs. Wrong. Anyways, needless to say... Rush is sporting some super awesome llama sheets + I have new bins, a sports bra (it was only $5), a few bottles of wine, some candles, candy... you know, the normal Target trip. We all have been victims. 

I have put together some of my favorite things from the Nate Berkus line from Baby to Home Decor. Happy Sunday shopping + thanks for stopping by tonight!

Teething Toys

So, how's that teething going? I get asked this constantly, well because I have an 8 (almost 9) month old. It is a topic of conversation often between moms + kid talk in general is pretty much life now since myself + all of my friends have hit that milestone in life or are in the process. To be honest, teething frightened me. All I would hear were nightmare stories from all my friends who had littles about how they were up all night, constant crying, didn't know what to do... And yes, it was true. But, maybe I just have a really good baby... it honestly hasn't been that bad + I know it definitely can change down the road. No, it isn't perfect over here - we definitely have our parent struggles daily but I think atmosphere + our own reaction to the situation have been extremely helpful. With that being said + not going into every single detail about our daily routine -- because I am a firm believer in every baby is different, I pretty much bought just about every teething toy possible to try. This I feel is beneficial. My favorite, the Comotomo silicone teether. However, I do have all of the below + throughout the day, I am constantly interchanging all of these. I think this helps because it's always something new - which I've noticed helps take Rush's mind off his teeth + focused on the "new" toy. They also all work, each in their own way. Different textures, colors, he holds them differently - motor skill practice - yay

And, yes... I've seen the Sophie mold warning. I think I got about 10 different texts or phone calls that day because our little guy is obsessed + most of our friends / family know that. So, of course... I cut her in half. R.I.P. Sophie #1 -- NO MOLD. Don't worry, she was replaced almost immediately. Thank you Amazon Prime.

Nursery Design

There is nothing I love more than decorating. I mean, as a wedding planner... I decorate constantly - so it is kind of my "thing." It definitely carries over into our home + when I found out we were expecting our first tiny human, I couldn't wait to design his nursery. And who doesn't like to spend a couple hours or an entire day in Homegoods? I went very gender neutral for Rush's nursery + kept it very modern, black - white ...with some vintage + whimsical touches. If you missed my blog post featuring his nursery, you can check it out HERE. It was also featured on Project Nursery.

If you are a future expecting Mama - I put together some of my favorite looks below!

Baby Girl Inspiration

Baby Boy Inspiration

Gender Neutral Inspiration

Merry Paradismas

Merry Christmas! I hope you all had an amazing holiday with all of your loved ones. We just returned from Mexico + jumped right into the holiday festivities. 



This year was extra special for us because it was Rush's first Christmas. I am not going to lie it's kinda tough trying to figure out what a 7 1/2 month old likes. I mean clothes is always great but, let's be honest, that's really for me. #fashionmama... +  they have several wonderful baby toys out there but I am totally that mom trying to NOT have "that" playroom. You all know what I'm talkin' about. #lessismore

 Some toys we were not sure of. They are growing on us.  

Some toys we were not sure of. They are growing on us.  

If you stop by often, which I hope you do, I put up a blog post about Baby Cubby recently. It truly is one of my favorite places to shop for Rush because they have curated a nice little shop of amazing baby products - from toys to gear.

My favorite mom purchase was this awesome shape cube "OomebeeCube" by Fat Brain Toys. I recently have become obsessed with this toy brand, btw.

The shapes are rubbery + textured, making them a great sensory toy + perfect for teething. Each shape is tethered to a corner of the cube as well, so there is no worry of losing pieces or even stepping on them - which is the worst.

 Rush's new ride from Grandma + Grandpa Paradise. 

Rush's new ride from Grandma + Grandpa Paradise. 

 Electric piano from Grandma + Grandpa Robinson. 

Electric piano from Grandma + Grandpa Robinson. 

 Ornaments were a big hit as well.  

Ornaments were a big hit as well.  


Wrapping presents is one of my favorite things to do each year. Some people dread it but I love it. This year I went really traditional + simple. I took out the traditional green + mixed in some blue + gold. I used simple silk ribbon, twine + added a little buffalo print in there for something different.

My favorite place to get all my wrapping gear, Homegoods or TJ Maxxx. 

 Mama's little helper.  

Mama's little helper.  

 Don't worry, there was a lot more.  

Don't worry, there was a lot more.  

 We had each one of these made for our parents. By: Canvas Pop / Photography by:  Verdigris Photography  

We had each one of these made for our parents. By: Canvas Pop / Photography by: Verdigris Photography 


After all the Christmas fun, it was snuggles with dada in his new Cubs hat (GO CUBS) + a nice 2 hour nap on mama. Rush by far was the best present, EVER.


Merry Christmas + Happy Holidays --

Mama Vacay Essentials

Baby Travel Essentials

Heading back to the snowy tundra of Chicago + I am already wishing we were back on the beautiful beaches of PV, Mexico. Bummer.  

This was our first time traveling with a little one + to be completely honest, our little guy flew like a champ. I can't give all the credit to the fact that he's a pretty good baby, there was definitely some planning involved that helped make the trip close to seamless.

What was in Rush's suitcase:

Sophie The Giraffe, OXO Tot On-The-Go, Babyganics Travel size, Think Baby Sunscreen, Honest Company Teether, Honest Company Swim Diaper, Sun Angels, Sound Machine, Cheeky Chomper Bibs, Travel Lysol, Mono Beach Baby Tent, Stokke Travel Tub.

Click Images For Details.

ErgoBaby 360 Carrier

When you pack up your entire closet to go to Mexico, you better make sure you have two free hands to cart around luggage. I absolutely love this carrier. It's comfortable, has several carrying options that are easy to transition into + can quickly be put on + taken off in seconds. It's lightweight + I used it to help keep Rush secure during takeoff + landing. It was also the perfect accessories for our mornings walks to get coffee when we needed a break from the stroller. 

Summer Infant 3D Flip Stroller

This was a lifesaver. We LOVE our Bob stroller but there was concern with traveling with such a large stroller. We needed something a little more versatile. This was it. With a rear + front facing option, it was so easy to switch to keep our little guy out of the sun. On the airport travel side of things, it opened up + folded down in seconds, making things less stressful when going through customs + getting on / off the airplane.

Milk Snob

I am no longer nursing but I am still exclusively pumping + bottle feeding. Pumping on an airplane in general wasn't something I was excited about but due to our travel times, it had to happen that way. Instead of sitting inside a gross airplane bathroom, I used my milk snob cover to give me the perfect about of privacy I needed. 

Medela Battery Pack

We were pretty much on the go the entire vacation, that how it works - right? With pumping still in the picture, I needed a way to make it more seamless since we were not always at our place or near an outlet. Beaches don't come with outlets, folks. I purchased a Medela battery back off Amazon before we left, giving me the leisure to plug it in + pump where ever I pleased. Highly recommend this tiny little device. 

Little Unicorn Weekender Diaper Bag

A stylish diaper bag + it fit everything I needed in it. I've been hoarded this bag for months, waiting to use it just for this vacation. It fit my pump, diapers, wipes, spare clothes - you name it - it was in there. For all you traveling mama's out there. This is your answer to easy travel.