Glowout Glam


I am always the first one to admit I’m not a makeup kind of girl. I also am notorious for letting my hair air dry + sometimes I forget to brush it, but hey... I have bigger problems like taming a wild animal. My two year old. Sometimes getting glammed up or spending time on myself isn’t really in my deck of cards for the day. Now, I am making this sound worse than it is probably — I do my makeup + know how to look presentable when needed. I haven’t completely let myself go, yet (just kidding). 

I had the opportunity to spend the afternoon last week at Glowout salon. I haven’t had my hair + makeup done since my wedding. So, needless to say I was pretty excited. I had never been to Glowout before but I loved their vibes + had two wonderful gals make me feel like a beauty queen. Best part about all of it, they did it so quickly. And, if you paid attention to anything I said above... I am always looking for easy beauty because sometimes I just don’t have the time.  

makeup — eyebrows on FLEEK. I have never thought to fill them this much but it was def. the “statement” piece of the look. Makeup was still natural but elevated. It was perfect. 

hair — when I do my own hair, I typically use a straightener + just create beach waves. My hair style was the same, but again just elevated + I loved it. She just started higher up closer to my part to make that happen. 

Thanks to the lovely gals over at Glowout — Stephanie + Brittany ...and the lovely, Jen. Thanks, Baes.