Spring Wool.

Photography By | Morgan Terlouw

Well, I think it is safe to say that I am back to 110%. Man, do I NEVER want to be sick like that again. That was brutalllll. Trying to take care of a little one too while you are ill is the most challenging thing ever too. On a good note, I survived. We all recovered through the weekend weather, it was in the 70's + absolutely gorgeous out! It was so nice to open up all the windows + let the fresh air in, detox our entire house. Goodbye, germs. I am also so behind... I laid in bed last night a created to-do list. I was like, "holy crap I have a lot of things to get done this week." I started off yesterday with some awesome meetings + ended it with a nice big glass of red wine. It has been over 2 weeks, eeeek. Much needed.

It is much cooler today, kinda gloomy + rainy. 40's. Meh. But Spring is fighting to get here + that means summer isn't too far behind. This time of year is the most changellening for me with what to wear. Part of me wants to bust out my long dresses + mules, but then when it cools off in the afternoon -- I am freezing. Most the time, I have already put my winter coats away -- but I also make sure to keep a few handy when I need them... like today. On cooler days like this it's totally okay to repurpose your fall / winter coats. I love this dark green coat I got from Ma Belle Avenue. The collar is more relaxed for a Spring look + I love the ties on the wrist. It is also such a flexible coat. It isn't stiff like most wool coats + I can roll of the sleeve to make it go cohesively with my Spring attire underneath -- rather than looking all bundled up. I paired it up with this super light weight strip button up from HM + my new jeans from there as well. I actually buy a ton of my jeans from H&M. These flats I got from GILT... my forever favorite place to buy my shoes. I got these last season but I like some ones similar below. Hope you all are having a great week + thanks of much for swinging by today! Xo

Get the look.

Green Wool Coat - HERE