Vintage Love.

Photography By: Blue Lime Photography

If you know me well or have followed along on my social media platforms you know that I have a special place in my heart for Vintage Fashion. When people ask me what my style is I really honestly don't have one that I stick to all the time. I like to be sporadic + surprise myself. Its what keeps fashion fun for me and life in general. I don't like boring. I will say, I love a good statement piece + I am definitely not afraid to give something unique a try by mixing it in with my everyday wardrobe. I love basics + I actually have been working on purging a lot of my clothes + shoes to replace with staple pieces I can mix with my vintage collection. My favorite place, which I rave about often, is Dane Vintage. I have never gone in there + not wanted more than a handful of things. The coat collection is to die for + I know when I am looking for something fabulous to sport through the winter season -- this is the place. 

I have been eyeing this coat for months + I recently paired it up with my new "not so basic" tee that I talked about on my last blog post, HERE. Black Jeans, white tee + sneaks... statement. I guess you could say thats "my style." 

Get the look - Jacket is from Dane Vintage.

This tee is from 1920_NY // USE CODE: PFPX1920 // 15% off entire order