Summer Statements.

Photography By: Victoria C

Hello loves! First off, yes the first picture (below) is me pushing my tiny human in a jogging stroller. This wasn't staged AT ALL + is totally what being a momprenuer is all about. I brought my little guy with to shoot some street style shots with my amazing friend + lady behind the lens, Vicki -- who (btw) also had her little one in tow as well while she captured this look. I mean this is honestly, REAL LIFE#momgoals -- Being a mom is one of the most rewarding + hardest things, EVER. It is also one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I will say I have learned to make things work around my crazy schedule, from my fashion blog to my wedding planning platform. For now. (keywords). Every day is definitely different + I am most certainly still learning every single day. But, this picture my super-mom-friend captured literally showcases my life in a nutshell. And I love it. So, all you hardworking mom bosses out there. GET IT GIRL. KEEP MOM BOSSIN' IT UP. Embrace the beauty of motherhood + remember to smile!

So, this outfit. Seriously... these pants are the winner of all pants. I know I say I love everything I wear, but I REALLY love these. They are so comfy, lightweight + hellooooo how about that print?! Pretty much obsessed. I also just found a hidden gem of tank tops at Old Navy. They are always my go-to place for simple tees + I recently stopped in there for my son... and of course walked out with things for myself too. I am sure some of you understand that vicious cycle. I love these tanks because they are higher on the neck, making it something I could wear with a dressier piece in my closet (like these pants). I wouldn't really label them as your basic tank either, the material is thicker + the over all quality of it is just fabulous. So, I bought one in every color. HA. I also have been eyeing this sock trend for awhile + I am definitely someone you would label that has "big feet" -- SO, I try not to attract anymore attention to them than I have to. I recently purchased a bunch of socks from ASOS + these rose gold ones were amazing. They have a fun metallic hint to them + they completed not only these shoes but also the peachy color in the pants. So, I guess it's safe to say I might be trying this whole sock with heels look more often. I absolutely love all the summer statement pieces + trends, from pearls to socks. I can't wait to share of my recent purchases with you all. Thanks for stopping by! XO


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