Photography By: Victoria Peterson

Oh hey, it's me - I am back. Ha!

It has definitely been awhile since I put up a blog... but honeslty, I love the interaction on my IG better - especially with all the direct interaction - so, yay to that. Don't get me wrong I love posting + sharing outfit details on my blog, most importantly this is my creative space / venting about life / being blunt time that I just need. Kinda like a diary, right? #youwish - haha.

Well, I just wrapped up my busiest wedding season - EVER. If you love me + visit often, you know I am a wedding planner. I am done taming bridezilla's -- okay, they were all pretty cool, but I am DONE. Wooooooo hoooooo! I might actually go outside + yell that. It's needed. 

This outfit has taken me weeks to post, but I don't care. I am all about that organic flow lately. I am loving all the star print clothes - to be honest a lot of it is "kiddish" to me but I finally found the perfect top. It also happens to be pajamas. So, yah of course the whole PJ inspired blouses are trending... but this is legit a pajama top. The bottoms are just as cute + I am working on sharing a look with those soon. I paired this starred silk beauty up with my most favorite jeans ever that I really need to retire + some Zara flats. Lets talk about Zara real quick. They are killllllingggg the shoe game right now. I think my husband is about to kill me but I just can't stop them. #addicted

Shop the look.

Shoes are from ZARA, here.