Something Red.

Photography By: Morgan Terlouw

Happy Monday all! ...even though today is almost over. Another weekend, come + gone. However, I got to celebrate one of my best friends love this weekend (congrats Jamie + Clay!) + actually took little break from social media. It was refreshing + I needed it. I had a minor surgery today, completely fine - btw, so I have been low key + this little weekend getaway with some much R+R was perfect.

I have been so self conscious about wearing any clothing that shows my back. Reason being, I have a small mole / growth on my back + it just has always bothered me. Recently, I went in to get it checked / removed because it was getting larger. Thankfully when I was at my appointment, my wonderful dermatologist wanted to take a biopsy of another small spot nearby. A week later, I got a call that it was Melanoma. Now, before anyone freaks out -- let me assure you... I am COMPLETELY fine. Yes, the "C" word is scary + I never in my life (or at this age) ever thought I would have to deal with something like this. We all think we are invisible until we no longer are. This was definitely an eye opener + I am thankful I was so proactive. Stage 0-1 is curable, with a nice little 2 inch scar that will always remind me to take better care of my body. I obviously shot this before I had my surgery but I got it because prior to my "bad news" I would have never bought any clothing that exposed my back -- but, I my wanted to have a different mindset about my body moving forward. I felt extremely empowered when I put on this dress... confident in my own skin + my way to say "F" you Cancer, I own you... you don't own me. Thank you TOBI, for this special dress. It meant the world to me + how about that slit? #GOALS

All the other outfit details are below.

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