Spring Shoe Plans.

Spring is near + I am already lining up my shoes I'll be sporting once the warmer weather is here to stay.

I love a good shoe trend + I most certainly am not afraid to find a way to incorporate it into my everyday wardrobe if it intrigues me enough. And most of you should know by now that I have a undying love for shoes, all shapes, colors + styles. 



Statement shoes are my staple. if + when i am feeling funky... which is pretty much all the time, I pair up my simple basics with a fun shoe. it creates the mood of my outfit. i am currently loving lavender, yellow, magenta + blue.


classic white. always will be a shoe i keep in my closet. it goes with everything + is definitely is an eye catcher. it's refreshing, simple + elegant. my favorite shoe to wear with a Canadian tuxedo. 


Perspex heels + transparent boots. for those who dare to show their feet. i am obsessed with this style of shoes ( i know very kim k. of me ) but they are so fun. pair them up with a fun glitter or sheer sock + own it.