Photography By: Victoria C.

And we meet again, Monday ...another weekend, come + gone. Except this weekend was so special + I wish it was still here, wahhhh! We celebrated our sweet little boy's 1st birthday. I can't believe it has been a year already since I became a mom! I mean like, HOLY COW... Where did time go?! This past year has been been unbelievably amazing. I think I can speak for everyone in my family when I say we are so blessed for such a fun, loving + happy tiny human. SO very grateful for this path that god has blessed us with. 

I got this rainbow tee specifically for my son's fiesta themed birthday party. If you know me well, I do NOT wear a ton of color. But, if you stop by often -- you know I have been trying to mix in some color to my wardrobe. I think I did a good job here... right?! ;) This t-shirt is from ASOS + is so soft! I love the color combo + the light blue thrown into the neon colors. I paired it up with this AMAZING nude scuba coat from Ma Belle Avenue. I could seriously exercise in this coat. NO JOKE. It is so comfortable + has no restrictions but keeps its shape perfectly. I love how light weight it is + I can honestly say it is the one of my most favorite coats I ever have worn. EVER. And.. how about this new necklace?! I mean, when I laid eyes on it at Sophia Forero's studio shop... I about melted into the floor. #swoon. The "wood-like" look is actually called tiger's eye + is a chatoyant gemstone. I have never seen something like it before in my entire life. Cheers to custom jewelry, yay! It was instant LOVE. A few of my other favs of course are these new shades from ASOS + I love these new sneakers I purchased off GILT from one of their exclusive brands. GILT is seriously one of my favorite places to get my shoes from. I would say about 75% of my shoes are from there. Great brands, good prices + quality. YAY to that. Later, babes. 

Get the look.

Ma Belle Avenue Coat - HERE

Sophia Forero Necklace - HERE.