Pop of Color.

Photography By: Morgan Terlouw

Hello all! I hope you all had a fabulous Easter weekend. It was Rush's 1st Easter -- so, we took him to church. Which he did totally awesome at, btw. A few times when the choir was singing, he decided he should too. SO, that was entertaining + absolutely adorable. We then sported some cute little bunny ears + went to lunch! Now that Easter is over I am in full planning mode for his upcoming 1st birthday party on the 6th of May. I CAN NOT WAIT. Can you tell I am excited?! I mean who isn't excited for tacos + margaritas?! I mean, who's this party really for?! #letsbehonest

Anyways, I shot this outfit a few weeks ago -- but as I mentioned in my last blog post - I am so behind with everything because of that yucky flu we had. It has been hitting the 70's around here in the midwest now (finally) but it was much cooler out then. The entire look is from H&M except the accessories (purse + shoes). I am not afraid of color, I just don't wear it a lot. Usually, I would just wear this striped top + some jeans. But, I think it's fun to sometimes incorporate a little pop of color into your outfit. I do that with accessories -- shoes or handbags, but I got this blazer... totally unsure about it at first but once I put it all together I loved it! I also love these jeans. They are super comfy + the details with the little bit of flare on the bottom give the outfit a little bit more edge. I'll definitely be wearing this coat again with my summer gear, it is lightweight + the perfect accessories to all my neutral gear!

Get the look.