Photography By: Victoria C

Hello pals! Hope you all are having a wonderful Wednesday. I started out mine getting Rush's one year shots this morning - eeeeeek! Okay honestly, they were not that bad. We are BOTH doing fine. :) 

I have been hoarding these mis-match ribbon ballet flats from ZARA for weeks. The weather has been crummy + finally last week (when I shot this --- I know, I know... I am so behind. #momlife) it has been getting warmer + warmer - Yay! I am ready for you summer! I can honestly say this is my first pair of "ballet" style flats. I have such big feet (9/10) + I always think they make my feet like HUGE. Maybe it's the neutral color + the fun lace-up ribbon straps take away from my big feet. Whatever it may be, I LOVE THESE SHOES. They are so comfortable! I can wear them all black, all stripes or mix them - like I decided to do here. I of course have my FAVORITE pair of jeans on (also from ZARA) + I knew I was going to keep this a super clean look because I have been dying to wear this new white blouse from Ma Belle Avenue. Seriously, I know I keep raving about this local boutique but - OMG, I can not quit them. It is neutral heaven. If you are not in the area, you can always shop online too. The details on the back + the ties on the wrist are just so classy. It's my new favorite button up! My handbag is also from there. I love that I can fit my laptop in it when I am gone all day in meetings + it doesn't give off that "leather business bag" vibe or I can easily use it as an everyday bag if I need something a little bigger. 

Get the look.