Photography By: Victoria C

Ugh. So, it's been raining here for days now. And I am grumpy because of it. Just when the sun starts to to peak out... rain. I thought this was supposed to happen in April?! I am also praying for good weather this weekend since we will be celebrating our sweet little Rush's first year in this world. I can't believe he is going to be ONE. I'll save you all a sappy blog post (that's next week) but, I am going to be an emotional wreck. Wahhhh!

Anyways, with all this crummy weather it has been so hard for me to actually want to get dressed. I just want to hang in pj's all day + watch Mickey Mouse with the little guy. But unfortunately, that's not reality right now. With all the busy going on, I have definitely become a chronic boyfriend tee + jeans wearer. I am all about layering in general, so I am not complaining. I love this duster coat from Dane Vintage. I don't think its past life purpose was a raincoat, but it does the job. It's light weight + this green is fabulous. I think this is the first thing I have ever owned that is green as well. Never thought a color like this would end up in my closet, but here we are. I have also been wearing lots more jewelry than normal (look at me over here turning over all sorts of new leaves). I've been really loving a jewelry designer local to me, Sophia Forero. She has so many collections that appeal to all different tastes. Everything is also one of a kind + handmade which makes me appreciate it even more. I recently went totally out of my element + got this bright pom pom cuff. It's just so fun + I fell in love with it. Plus it's helped to brighten all these gloomy days. #muchneeded   


Get the look.

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