Little Silk Dress.

Photography By: Victoria Peterson

The L.B.D. has nothing on this silky beauty. I mean how stunning is this dress?! I am so so soooo obsessed. My favorite little fashion boutique, Ma Belle Avenue, is now carrying a European nightwear brand called Moi Soli. I. WANT. IT. ALL. Hallllllp. And yes, I said nightwear. Lacey tops + lingerie are actually some of my favorite go-to pieces when I am heading to date night or martinis with the gals. Everything single one of their pieces are so versatile too, you can wear it out + then just head straight to bed when you get home. Okay, wash your face + stuff... but ya catch my drift. They are also so extremely comfortable because they are meant for night time, which is a win-win in my book. I felt so sexy + elegant in this dress, it was hard to take off! (I guess I don't to - hehe). 

This entire look is all from my favorite hidden little gem, Ma Bell Avenue. The shoes I actually got from Nordstrom Rack like 3 years ago for less than $10 -- whaaaa?! Yes. Major steal. They are from Sole Society + I am happy to see the chunky heel trend so popular again right now. I linked some similar ones below! 

Get the look.

Silk Dress, Clutch + Tassel Earring are all available at MA BELLE AVENUE.