Photography By: Victoria Peterson

I have been wearing this dress like crazy. It is SO comfy! Gingham print has been trending for awhile but it hasn't really appealed to me until recently. I always felt the print looked too harsh on me. I bought a gingham print top last fall + I still haven't worn it! Hoping to put it to good use this season though. Anyone else do that? Buy stuff + then second guess it, but hang on to it + wear it several months later?! ...or am I crazy - haha. I have worn this dress a lot of different ways but this was my favorite way to style it. Usually, I wear flat sandals with simple maxi dresses but these blocked heels were the perfect mix. It is a good way to dress it up quick if I am on to the go from a library date with the little guy + then off to date night with hubby. Shoes swaps sometimes are easier than outfit changes nowadays! 

The dress I am wearing is sold out but I linked a ton of others below that are similar.