Flashback Friday.

So, the other day I stumbled upon some old blogging pictures of myself. I first laughed, a lot + then when I got over that I realized how crazy it is that - 1. How long I have been doing this AND 2. How much my style has changed in such a "short" period of time. I couldn't not share these gems with everyone else + I thought it would be a good time to take you all through my blogging life. 

I started Planning For Paradise about 4 - 5 years ago, I was going solid for a good 4-6 months + I was doing great. It took me awhile to feel confident about what I was doing for sure, but once I got over that it was smooth sailing. I started blogging because I enjoyed it, it was fun to dress up + look for awesome clothes that I loved and most importantly felt good in - it's really therapeutic actually. I even shared some of my favorite home decor as well as recipes (I love to cook). It was one big lifestyle blog. Shortly after my blog journey started, I got married + then decided to start my own wedding planning business. All my focus went there. My platform went from fashion to wedding quickly + I deleted / cleaned up my IG / social media accounts. Planning For Paradise became my wedding business name + I rebranded.

Flash forward... two years into all things Wedding Planning, I found out I was pregnant + during my pregnancy I started new platform Planning For Paradise, Literally. That is where you are now. I wanted to get back into blogging, again because I just felt a creative piece was missing in my life. I started off slow because I didn't want to get into something again that I was sure I would stick to. It was mostly just lifestyle + maybe a few fashion savvy things I was buying or wearing. My original intentions were to keep it very mama - baby + home decor. But once I was feeling good + getting back into it, it kinda just went the way it was supposed to. Back to fashion. With a little bit of everyday real life - planning for paradise (which just happens to be my last name), LITERALLY. So this is my little piece of Paradise that I share with you all + I am thankful for all of you who have been on the journey with me. Cheers to that!

Oh yes, those pictures. Here ya go, enjoy!

Photo Credit: Loren Weddings