Photography By: Victoria C

Man, what a Tuesday. I have been running around like a crazy lady today! On top of that my poor little guy is getting all his top teeth too + has been soooooo miserable. I feel horrible for him. Today was pretty rough, but on a good note they are almost in! Then it'll just be another set of teeth after that. More after that... + more after that. Welcome to parenthood, right!? Ha. On that note -- I just poured myself a nice big glass of Cabernet. YUM.

The weather here in the Midwest has still been kinda tricky. It was 80's one day + then 50's - rainy the next. Today, 60ish + rain again. I love days where I can throw on a good comfy sweatshirt + my favorite pair of jeans. These type of days are perfect for it. I have a ton of neutral colored sweatshirts that I wear religiously + a nice little collection of ruffled ones but I recently added this butterfly top from Ma Belle Avenue. It is officially the softest sweatshirt I now own + how amazing is this velvet butterfly detail on the shoulder!? And the pockets?! Best sweatshirt, EVER. Agree?! I also picked up these need slides recently. I actually went back + forth a million times on whether I should keep them or not. Are they me? Are they not me? Will I wear them? But honestly, they might be one of the coolest pairs of shoes I own. Plus, everyone should have a fun statement shoe in their closet.

Get the look.