How amazing is this weather lately in the Midwest?! I'll take 60+ degree weather in February any day. Anyone who knows me, knows I hate winter... + the cold in general. I am definitely someone who will blast the heat in my car until it feels like I am sitting in a sauna. That's probably why none of my friends want to drive with me any where + I always get the, "I'll just meet you there." I have also been able to get Rush out of the house almost everyday, all day. He is such an outdoor kid + I think we were all are starting to get cooped up - so, a big THANK YOU to this beautiful heat wave from mother nature.

With Spring around the corner, so is Spring cleaning. For me, it is putting away my winter attire. I look forward to this every year. I love all the new colors, lighter coats + Spring style shoes! I am sure it is already clear I have a pretty big shoe obsession + my Spring style collection is my absolute favorite - for sure! Mules, peep toe booties, espadrilles + lace up flats... and a much needed pedicure will be on my to-do list as well. I am loving this trench coat from Ma Belle Avenue. It is lightweight enough for a warmer day + also when it cools off in the afternoon, so I am not freezing. I am also appreciating the backpack trend a lot more now as a new mom. Since it has been nicer out, I have been taking Rush out of his carrier vs. lugging it into the grocery store (then having no room for my kale + wine+ having free hands to carry him is a life saver. The whole purse on the shoulder thing doesn't work when you are trying to run errands with a little one. So, I think it is safe to say you'll probably see me stepping up my backpack game. 


Photography Credit: Morgan Terlouw

Blush Coat + Backpack from Ma Belle Avenue

Get the look.