Roped In

Happy Friday! Hope you all are recovered from the holidays by now. I, however, am not. I feel like the entire month of January is like "winter recovery" for me. Work all a sudden gets really busy, I am tired all the time (the weather doesn't help) + I feel like I need to reorganize my entire life - for the millionth time - from closet cleanses to website revamps. But, I hope you all are recovering well, finding a good balance in life + have a good start on all the things you want to accomplish in the new year.

I do seem to find time to shop though, of course + in my previous blog floral trend, I mentioned I got another top with floral detailing from my friends amazing vintage shop. I purchased this top not only because it's absolutely fabulous but I fell in LOVE with this rope belt. I really don't like belts in general, I can't even remember the last time I wore one + usually tops that cut me off at the midline are a big red flag for me - not flattering on my body type. My favorite type of tops are usually a good flowy blouse or anything oversized honestly + a rope belt is the perfect accessory. It lays differently when it is not attached to a top + overall it is just a classier option than a belt tightened underneath your chest. I love the details + they have a lot of options out there, with tassels, colors, etc. Check out some of my picks below!

Photography Credit: Morgan Terlouw

 Handbag is by Jill k bags.

Get the look.