New outfit, new business.

So, BIG NEWS! Some of you may know I own a wedding planning business, Planning For Paradise. For those of you who didn't, now you do! With that being said, after several months of thought + deliberation, I have decided to turn my wedding planning business into a wedding inspiration resource for future couples who need guidance during the planning process.

I absolutely love weddings + planning them, I have a never-ending abundance of creative ideas, but have realized my passion is to create a platform for futures couples, featuring some of my favorite inspirations, wedding trends + pretty weddings produced by other creatives!

My hopes are to create an outlet for future Mrs. Or Misters, help connect vendors to their dream clients + create an atmosphere of beautiful things. I will be taking submissions for potential features, have a vendor directory option + team up with creatives for DIY project, and more as we grow. 

I was super nervous at first but I definitely followed my heart. I think the decision was easier too because after becoming a first time mama this May, I am starting to dread the idea of being gone almost every weekend. So, here we are... starting fresh, still incorporating what I would like to say I am pretty good at + we will re-launch in March. Please follow us on our other IG @planningforparadise -- we would appreciate the support!

Oh ya, this outfit -- haha, just kidding! Some days it's hard to get up + get all pretty. This is definitely a go-to outfit for me pretty often. Boyfriend jeans, a comfy cashmere sweater + an oversized kimono. Heels are also not always ideal either + when I need a break from my usual sneakers / sweats get-up, I love to throw on some simple flats. It's a great get up + go outfit, I feel put together + it is still as comfy as my sweats. 

Sorry for the long post today --- just super excited for the journey ahead. Thanks to all of who who stop by + support all of the Paradise platforms. Love you!

Photography Credit: Morgan Terlouw

 Black Handbag is by Jill k bags.

Get the look.