I have absolutely loved seeing this trend come back. Reminds me of 8th grade high school dances. I had a solid collection of these bad boys that I am now wishing I never got rid of. I'd be #killinit right now. 

I bought my first choker last fall + never came around to wearing it because; 1. I was pregnant (and let's be honest, I was in sweats 24/7) + 2. I was hesitant of how it looked on me. Feeling a little more confident this year, I have accumulated a nice collection.

One of my go-to places for jewelry has always been Bauble Bar. I love EVERYTHING they carry + I want it all, but then I would probably be single - haha. They are reasonably priced + their jewelry is great quality. Everything I have ever purchased from them has lasted forever. I picked out some of my favorite chokers that I am wearing this fall / winter season. 

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